Electrical Housekeeping Trolley


Our electrical housekeeping trolley is one of the most advanced products in the market, completely designed and manufactured in our own facility.  We use latest technology in electric drive and battery. Everything including the battery is integrated safely in the steel construction of the base.


The Lithium Phosphate Ion battery can be charged for 2000 times as a minimum ( a good car battery lasts 200 times ) and makes the trolley completely maintenance free for at least 5 years!  In the night time you just put the cable into the socket for charging.


This secures that you can always use the trolley without any problem. A big full housekeeping trolley will always be very heavy. With our electric drive you can move this heavy load easily just by pushing a button! Together with our clients we made the design of the control very strong, user friendly and simple.

 KIT 104-6 Big housekeeping trolley

 with electric drive

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