Laundry Trolley


In the visits to the hotels of our customers, we did see a lot of broken and rusted trolleys over time! We learned  from our customers that laundry trolleys must be very strong to withstand the severe day to day duties in a hotel laundry! Therefore we make these trolleys very rigid and do not compromise on the thickness of the stainless steel and the required load of the wheels!


We make the more traditional stainless steel carts for dry soiled linen also with the top frame in a conical shape what makes it more easy to get the linen out. For more economic handling of the soiled linen we designed a number of beautiful looking trolleys with a black colored strong canvas bag.


We designed also trolleys for wet linen, trolleys to be used when linen need to be transported to an outside laundry and trolleys to bring the fresh linen back to the pantries.


Together with the Australian company “Bundle” we can supply complete RFID systems including software and hardware to introduce automation of your laundry system in your hotel. This is especially important if you subcontract your laundry outside the hotel. Our sales team will inform you gladly about these amazing systems, based on electronic tags from “Datamars”.



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