Mobile Catering/Cooking Stations


Together with F+B managers and chefs we designed an extensive line of mobile buffet elements all in the same style as the cooking stations, to help in the desire of hotels/restaurants to organize and set this up immediately on various locations. Most cooking stations have a panel in the front. It is possible to make that front more attractive for the guests by adding a printed image.  The units are made strong enough to house whatever is required and are equipped with our 6” silent wheels to hold big loads. The cabinets/drawers see to it that you can hide whatever you want so that the station always look great. If no brake is required we have base available that hides the wheels almost completely giving the stations an even more attractive look.

 KIT 562-3, Mobile European

 pasta station

 KIT 562-4, Mobile Asian noodle

 station, gas fired

 KIT 693, Mobile cooking with 2 units

 KIT 562-6, Mobile lava stone grill,

 two units

 KIT 562-2, Mobile cooking with

 2 units, condiments in ice

 KIT 562-13, Mobile station western

 style or Miso soup

 KIT 543-2, Mobile barbecue/smoking


 KIT 543-1

 KIT 698-1, Mobile draught beer

 station stainless steel

 KIT 562-22, Mobile coffee station


 KIT 385 Mobile Coffee Station

 KIT 698-2, Mobile draught beer

 station granite/marble

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